Best Ways to Achieve Itchy Skin Relief on the Go

By Emily E. | Updated: Aug 02, 2016


Itchy skin can be distracting at the best of times, but full agendas rarely leave enough time or opportunity to indulge in lengthy treatments. There are; however, quick and easy things that everyone can do to stop prickly sensations in their tracks. Read on to discover five ways that can work for you.

Best Ways to Achieve Itchy Skin Relief on the Go

Carry a Travel-Size Moisturizer

Dryness and itchy skin often go together, so it's logical that itchy skin relief should come from topical hydration. Travel-size moisturizer is a great quick-fix at any time of day, and many brands make smaller travel-sized containers that easily fit in handbags and office desk drawers. It's best to choose a no fragrance moisturizer to avoid all possible irritants and allergens.

Pack a Thermos

Herbal remedies are easily adapted to a life on the go, and itchy skin relief could be as close at hand as a thermos. Herbal teas can soothe irritation from the inside out, acting as portable aromatherapy for stress-related dermal problems as well as bolstering the immune system. Anti-inflammatory options like ginger, mint, and lemon thyme are the most beneficial. Pour some in a heat-sealing container for instant relief.

Take Portable Vitamin C

In conjunction with estrogen, vitamin C plays a vital role on collagen production, giving a healthy, smooth surface to the skin. Adding more vitamin C to your diet can do wonders for itchy skin relief, and citrus fruits - most of which contain 100% of the recommended daily value - make an ideal convenience snack. Oranges and kiwis, for example, are naturally packaged to reduce mess and can be eaten without utensils.

Wear Layers

Versatility is one of the keys to finding itchy skin relief on the move, because changing conditions can put the problem out of your control. Wearing layers allows for both hotter and cooler temperatures, reducing the risk of sweating that might irritate the skin. This method is especially useful for women going through menopause, as it can additionally prevent hot flashes and menopausal body odor.

Get Outside

A busy schedule doesn't always leave much room for exercise, but choosing to walk to meetings in nearby buildings or down the street at lunchtime can provide an added bonus of itchy skin relief. While aerobic exercise is already great for overall health, limited ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun can ease the sensation of itchy skin as well. Light therapy, in fact, is sometimes prescribed for individuals suffering from surface irritation.

Achieving relief for your itchy skin may seem like an uphill battle, but combining these simple methods with a healthy lifestyle can ease the uncomfortable feeling anywhere you go. Talk to your doctor to ensure it's not a symptom of a larger problem, and start forgetting all about your itchy skin today.

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