Why Am I So Sad and Angry?

By Fiorella M. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


When a woman reaches the menopausal stage in her reproductive life, it is likely that she will experience mood swings. These might be mild or severe, but either way, they can be upsetting, especially when faced without advice and knowledge of how to handle them. It is helpful to understand why you might feel sad and angry during this time; below, you can find information about some of the causes.

feeling sad and angry is a common state during menopause

Hormone Levels Are Changing

Menopause occurs when your body no longer generates the same level of the hormone estrogen, a process that has many effects on your body. Scientific investigation has confirmed that the fluctuation of hormones before menopause has a direct interaction with neurotransmitters and mood, which is the reason why you may be feeling sad and angry, or a range of other emotions. For some women, it is helpful to know that there is a physiological reason behind these types of mood swings.

Other Menopausal Symptoms

Other symptoms of menopause can also trigger feeling sad and angry. Unfortunately, the menopause transition involves many disagreeable factors, which in themselves can be upsetting and frustrating. Some of the most common symptoms include:

  • Loss of libido. It is common for women to notice a decrease in sexual desire when going through menopause. This can be upsetting, particularly because of the effects it may have on your partner also.

  • Hair loss. For some women, menopause causes hair loss or thinning hair. Experiencing this can make you feel self-conscious, and therefore sad and angry.

  • Changes in odor. During this time, you may notice an increase in sweat, which can cause body odor. Body odor may you feel embarrassed, resulting in feeling sad or angry.

  • Joint pain. This affects women to varying degrees, but it can be frustrating, especially if it inhibits your day-to-day life.

Menopause Can Be a Confusing Time

When your body makes the transition from premenopause to perimenopause, you will go though many changes that can be hard to understand and accept. Having been used to regular periods and the way your mind and body work in general, it can be disconcerting to suddenly have to deal with new problems and the way these affect you.

The confusion at this time can easily make you feel sad and angry, especially if you are not expecting menopause; some women may experience early-onset menopause, so it is important to be aware of its symptoms from a younger age.

Feeling sad and angry is a common state during menopause, and you are not alone in going through this difficult aspect. The transition into menopause usually becomes evident when the plethora of symptoms begin to reveal themselves. Armed with the reasons behind these symptoms, you can feel confident in facing the confusing and often upsetting changes that will take place. Read for more information about mood swings during menopause.

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