Irregular Periods and Relationships

By Hannah R. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


Although the experience of irregular periods is highly common among women, the condition can sometimes be concerning, embarrassing, and emotionally trying. Due to the unpredictable nature of irregular periods, if left unresolved the issue can sometimes create problems in your work and personal life. However, the stigma attached to periods, can make the prospect of telling your partner unappealing and embarrassing. For relief it is important that you learn to recognize the symptoms and understand the root cause behind your irregular period. Read on to discover how to combat irregular periods and prevent them.

Irregular Periods and Relationships

Reinvent Your Outlook

One of the simplest and most effective ways of dealing with irregular periods is to readdress your outlook and approach to life. Put into practice lifestyle changes such as keeping a better diet, doing more exercise, and finding ways to deal with stress. These are all activities which can positively impact your menstrual cycle and prevent irregularities. Stress reducing techniques such as meditation, yoga, and a diet rich in estrogenic foods including whole grains, eggs, soy, and yams can help boost energy levels and improve general overall well-being.

Consult Your Doctor

If your irregularities are severe or persistent and you have reason to feel particularly concerned, it is wise to consult with your doctor to ensure that there are not additional problems. This is because other causes of an irregular cycle include more serious triggers such as weight fluctuations, a vegetarian diet, pelvic inflammation, uterine polyps, early miscarriage, fibroids, uterine cancer, and other uterine abnormalities. Although irregular periods are unlikely to be caused by any of these symptoms, it is worth bearing in mind they remain a possibility.

Talk to Your Partner

Although at first discussing menstrual matters with your partner might seem embarrassing, taking this step is often vital and beneficial to both you and your relationship. Your partner is unlikely to understand what you are going through unless you take measures to help them. Explaining what an irregular period is and how it is affecting you both mentally and physically will also alleviate some of the stress that it causes.

More Information

Every woman experiences a time when her period is late, early, lighter, or heavier than usual. The menstrual cycle is unlikely to be exactly the same every month and sometimes variations can be a bit more noticeable than usual. However, there are ways of alleviating the symptom and ensuring it doesn't negatively affect your relationships.Click here to read more about treatments for irregular periods.

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