Irregular Periods: Addressing Your Wardrobe

By Rebecca S. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


A common problem, irregular periods can negatively affect your daily life, especially when they result in an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. Read on to discover some tips about dressing for irregular periods.

Irregular Periods: Addressing Your Wardrobe

The Layer Effect

Using pads with multiple layers are better for absorbing leakage and protecting you from the unpredictability of irregular heavy periods. In addition, wearing a cheap pair of leggings under your jeans or slacks can function as an extra buffer layer.

You can tie a sweater or jacket around your waist when stains soak through. For times when it's too hot and a sweater is not readily available, carry a portable stain reliever and head to the nearest bathroom.

Special Period Undergarments

Some manufacturers now sell panties that better adhere to pads, helping prevent stray leaks. Some even claim to be “leak-proof”, allowing worries about stains to evaporate. It's best to pick a pad that's suited to the cut of your underwear in order to prevent undesirable shifting.

Alternatives to Pads and Tampons

A menstrual cup can be worn for days at a time. These devices hold more flow than pads and tampons, are eco-friendlier, and are considered a healthier alternative. Since they can be washed and reused, they are also more economic.

Dress Comfortably

Loose-fitting pants can help prevent embarrassing stains. Aim for the tailored wide fit and wide leg pants for a fashionable yet practical look. With tighter pants, it is more likely that unwanted flow will soak through. As for tops, tunics that extend beyond the waistline can cover up any leaks.

Choosing Colors

Darker colored pants or skirts - preferably black - are better for masking any stains. In addition, some appropriately-colored batik or shibori dye patterns are both fashionable and good at hiding unfortunate spots.

Heavy irregular periods can be a source of embarrassment, and their difficulty to predict can result in unwanted leaks and stains. However, it is possible to dress confidently, comfortably, and fashionably while preparing for unexpected flow. Click on the link below to read more information about irregular periods and how to control them.

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