How to Brew a Natural Tea to Help with Irregular Periods

By Rebecca S. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


Irregular periods are not that uncommon. However, they can be inconvenient and unpredictable, as well as painful in some cases. Natural teas can help with the multiple symptoms associated with irregular periods.

Homemade teas will help with the multiple symptoms that affect women

Look in the Cupboard

Many natural ingredients used in food and drink preparation can ease the symptoms of irregular periods. Harness the power of your pantry shelves with these natural homemade teas.



Long known for its power to relieve just about any stomach ailment, it turns out that ginger can help alleviate discomfort in the areas just below your stomach as well. In addition to soothing cramps, this spice can actually help reduce heavy periods. Make ginger tea by adding half a teaspoon of ginger powder or ginger root to boiling water and enjoy it with breakfast, lunch, or dinner.



Chinese herbalists recommend this herb for keeping menstrual cycles regular. Cinnamon is another spice that can be mixed into infusions to help reduce your flow and relieve pain from cramps. It goes well with some of the other herbs on this list too, such as ginger and peppermint. If you have a sweet tooth, you can also use it in desserts.



Fennel is a very strong herb. It promotes more blood flow to the pelvic region, thereby relieving menstrual cramps. Make it a tea by crushing a spoonful of fennel seeds into powder and then steeping it in hot water.



You can also make peppermint or wintergreen tea for some relief from cramps and other menstrual problems. Additionally, peppermint may help relieve migraines, a symptom that sometimes accompanies periods.



You may not think of this seasoning as a good tea flavor, but it could do the trick. Basil has been used in herbal traditions to alleviate pain. Simply prepare your basil tea as you would any infusion and enjoy the healing benefits. In addition to steeping it, you can also use it as a seasoning for meats and vegetables.

More Information about Teas for Irregular Periods

In addition to drinking hot teas, a hot water bottle can also ease menstrual pains. Place it directly on the abdomen while lying down. You can also use a heating pad, though you should be careful not to fall asleep with the heating pad on. Choosing healthy foods and drinks can be equally important for maintaining regular menstrual cycles.

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