5 Herbal teas for Irregular Periods

By Amy S. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


During perimenopause, the stage leading up to menopause, you will likely experience irregular periods. Since this transition marks the conclusion of your monthly menstrual cycles, undoubtedly they will be affected. The changes are mostly due to decreased levels of estrogen, which otherwise regulate your menstrual cycles.

The typical cycle is 23 to 35 days - this regularity allows for you to gauge when a period may come and plan accordingly. When you don't know you may be unprepared, which can be frustrating and embarrassing. Fortunately, there are many herbs that can help.

5 Herbal teas for Irregular Periods


Chasteberry has been used in the Mediterranean for centuries. This herb is known to treat a number of menstrual symptoms from breast tenderness to irritability.

This peppercorn sized fruit can reduce elevated prolactin levels, which is a main cause for irregular periods. Studies have found that prolactin levels can be balanced by chasteberry, thereby restoring your period.


Dong Quai

This traditional Chinese medicinal herb, sometimes known as “female ginseng”, is great for female reproductive preservation. It has been long prescribed for women experiencing annoying irregular periods.

Tests have found that this high altitude perennial plant can dilate blood vessels and relax the muscles of the uterus. This helps stimulate your menstrual flow.


Black Cohosh

Historically, black cohosh was extremely popular for treating menstrual problems, including irregular period. This is suspected to be due to its high content of phytoestrogens. These will work in your body like estrogen and help restore blood flow.

Though the evidence is inconclusive, women have been having success with this remedy for centuries, as it was deeply rooted into gynecological practices.


Golden Seal

The stems and roots of this plant, native to the United States, has many medicinal purposes. Today it is grown mostly in the Blue Ridge Mountains, but was used throughout the U.S by Native Americans for centuries.

Though research is not yet thoroughly executed, many successfully use goldenseal to stimulate menstrual blood flow. It is also food for vaginal health in general, warding off bacteria that can cause inflammation of infection in the vagina.


False Unicorn

This may not be a unicorn, but it can work wonders for maintaining a routine period. Native Americans used this herb for regulating periods and preventing miscarriages.

The root strengthens the heart and supports blood flow to female sex organs. In homoeopathy it is used to tone the uterus and allows for overall female health.

The process of irregular periods is completely natural, and one of the most common menopause symptoms. Though it may be impossible to completely normalize your period during this time, you can find a much more distinct pattern if you enjoy one of these herbal teas when your periods arrives. Click here to know more about irregular periods treatments.

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