How to Hide Your Hot Flashes From Your Date

By Hannah R. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


Dinner, a movie, and drinks: it sounds like the setup for an enjoyable date. That is, unless you're prone to suffering from hot flashes,  which are often triggered by crowded, warm environments, spicy foods, and alcohol. All the things we commonly associate with dates. How can you get the relief you need in a way that won't leave you feeling embarrassed by your natural condition? Read on to find out.

Hot Dates and Hot Flashes

If you're prone to hot flashes, preventing an attack is all about being prepared. If you're going out for a coffee date or to a bar, stick to decaffeinated or non-alcoholic drinks, and plan dinners at restaurants that you know have good air conditioning systems. Choose seats at the theater or cinema that are close to the aisle, so you can make a quick and subtle escape if a hot flash strikes.

Excuse yourself to the bathroom

During a hot flash attack, the bathroom will become a cool oasis where you can splash water on your face, reapply deodorant, air out any sweaty clothing or just take some time out.

Wear green


The color green neutralizes red shades, making it the perfect color to wear on your night out, just in case your cheeks start to flush during an attack. You can also purchase green-toned concealer products to wear underneath your regular makeup to hide any flushing.

Dress in removable layers

When you suffer from hot flashes, the ideal outfit should include multiple removable layers. This way, if you suffer from an attack during your date, you can quickly and easily peel them off layer by layer for instant relief.

Refresh with cold drinks


Making sure you're hydrated is key to preventing the onset of hot flash attacks. Order ice water, teas, and lemonades with your dinner. Because alcohol is a known hot flash trigger it is generally best to avoid it when on a date. However, if you can't resist a tipple, opt for cold beers or frozen mixed drinks over wines.


This article provides suggestions on how to hide the symptoms of hot flashes in a social situation. It does not address the cause of hot flashes, which has been linked with hormonal imbalances, click on the link.

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