A 5-Day Plan to Avoid Hot Flash Episodes

By Fiorella M. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


Monday and Tuesday can be very stressful for most people. It is the beginning of the week, and you may have lots of tasks ahead of you. Allow these days to be time to absorb and celebrate your hot flash fighting success. This Wednesday through Sunday plan will prepare you for the worst.

You may know that best things to avoid and embrace during hot flashes, but how do you assimilate these tips into your everyday life? Starting this routine will reduce symptoms of anxiety, heat, and rapid heartbeat.

A 5-Day Plan to Avoid Hot Flash Episodes


Start your day with a banana. It will provide you with energy at a steady rate and has high levels of potassium, a mineral that can help reduce blood pressure and ease anxiety.

At some point in the day, make sure to do 15 minutes of deep breathing. Since breathing becomes shallow and heartbeat quickens during a hot flash, it is important for your body to know how to calm itself down.

Spinach salad for lunch is a good choice. Feel free to throw on your favorite toppings, so long as they are in moderation. Spinach is a food that helps relieve hot flashes. It contains vitamin E, which decreases hot flashes; magnesium, which can reduce hot flashes by more than 50%; and vitamin K, which reduces hormonal weight gain.

A midweek yoga session will balance your oxygen flow and keep you calm through its release of the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA).



Start your day with a sweet little clementine. Citrus fruits contain phytoestrogenic bioflavonoids, which help decrease the frequency and duration of hot flashes.

Make it a point to continue your 15 minutes of breathing today. Inhale slowly and deeply into your belly for five seconds, then exhale completely for another five seconds.

To keep your body balanced and fit to handle temperature changes, take a walk. A 30 minute brisk walk, done in 10 minute intervals, is a great way to release relaxing endorphins.

End your day with a soothing cup of cooled damiana tea, which will improve oxygen flow in the blood.



Orange you glad it's Friday? This citrus fruit will lessen the severity of potential hot flashes. Have it whole or juiced.

Do your 15 minutes of deep slow breathing after your interval walk. See if you can possibly extend the breathing to 20 minutes, at which point you can feel yourself enter a more meditative state.

For dinner, have a tofu stir fry. For many women, phytoestrogenic-rich soy has the ability to dramatically reduce hot flash symptoms.

Instead of having red wine with your dinner, opt for red clover tea. It is high in phytoestrogens and can decrease heat, redness, and sweating.



Start your day with a hearty bowl of whole grain cereal with soymilk for sustained energy levels and balance. At some point, practice your deep breathing, and see if a friend wants to try as well. Then, enjoy another rejuvenating yoga session.



Having a Sunday brunch? Make a fruit salad! Cut up your favorite citrus fruits plus some banana and enjoy the cool feeling.

Sunday is a great day for many to enjoy a nice walk in the park with their loved ones. Wander around, get moving, and feel hot flash relief in the fresh air.

Don't forget to deep breathe, and while you are at it, sip on dong quai tea - great for regulating sex hormone levels and blood flow.

Throughout these five days, make sure to remain hydrated with chilled water every single day. You should always wear layers and carry an ice pack as well. You will notice great improvement and natural relief from your hot flashes.

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