5 Herbal Supplements for Fatigue Symptoms

By Fiorella M. | Updated: Aug 02, 2016


Fatigue is defined as tiredness that does not go away easily, and it can be caused by many different factors. The symptoms are numerous, and they range from the psychological to the physical, often having a negative impact on everyday life. Treatments for fatigue rely on symptom-relieving remedies, as there is no known cure for the underlying condition itself, and this can be done through conventional medications or more natural methods. Keep reading for a list of herbal supplements that are known to relieve certain fatigue symptoms.

Herbal supplements for fatigue symptoms

St. John's Wort

St. John's wort is a popular herbal remedy, often used to relieve stress. As stress is one of the most commonly-known symptoms of chronic fatigue, ingestion of this herb should relieve the emotional impact, and in some people, treating the stress is enough to get rid of the fatigue itself. It is not entirely clear how St. John's wort works, but it is thought to prolong the effects of the natural mood-enhancer, serotonin, in the brain.



Insomnia is often blamed for causing fatigue, and is also a symptom, as it can promote bizarre sleeping patterns that leave sufferers unable to sleep at appropriate times. Valerian helps reduce insomnia because it is a natural relaxant and sleep-enhancer. This herb is sometimes taken in the stead of conventional sedatives because it does not have many potential side effects.



This herb has been found to increase the immune response in the cells of people with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), and this could be highly beneficial for energy levels. As well as its immune system benefits, other studies suggest that it also lowers blood glucose levels, which should prevent sugar spikes and thereby help relieve drowsiness. Despite ginseng being a popular medicinal herb, it can also come with side effects under certain conditions. Therefore, avoid taking it if you are on any other medications, and use it only as a short-term measure.



A common symptom of fatigue is muscle and joint pain, often caused by anxiety-related tension. Turmeric is an herb that has been demonstrated to be safe and effective in reducing inflammation, thus being a natural pain-reliever. Its active compound, curcumin, also has some antioxidant activity, meaning it reduces free radical damage on muscle tissue, which can often cause muscle weakness - a further side effect of chronic fatigue.



Macafem is a 100% natural supplement that helps alleviate health disorders related to hormonal imbalance. It has long been used because of its ability to boost energy by nourishing the endocrine glands. For women going through menopause, the effects of Macafem are particularly beneficial. Remember that it works by helping the endocrine system to maintain hormone balance in a safe and natural way.

Fatigue is a difficult condition to live with, and can come with a range of symptoms. Although they can be dealt with by using conventional medications, herbal supplements are generally regarded as safer for most people, as the risks are normally lower. However, as with any food and medication, herbal remedies can induce negative reactions in some people, and so it is always recommended to talk to your doctor before starting on a course of herbal medication, and cease taking them if you suspect they are having ill-effects on your health.

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