Tips on Coping with Menopausal Dizziness in the Workplace

By Rebecca S. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


You know the feeling - you stand up and suddenly feel lightheaded, the room is moving and you might fall. Sudden bouts of dizziness are just one more symptom of menopause.

These episodes are usually brought on because by standing up too quickly, poor diet, or dehydration. Although lasting only a few seconds, these dizzy spells can be disorienting. Fortunately, there are simple techniques to prevent dizziness and control it.

3 Tips on How to Prevent Dizzy Spells

To avoid dizzy spells and potentially embarrassing moments, follow these three simple tips.


Avoid Caffeine and Smoke Breaks


Caffeine based drinks and nicotine can contribute to dizziness. Swap coffee for herbal tea and try to reduce your cigarette intake.


Keep Water on Your Desk

Dehydration is one of the main causes of dizziness, so always keep a glass of water on your desk. Try to drink the recommended eight glasses a day.


Eat Sensible Snacks


Keep your blood sugar levels stable by snacking on healthy foods throughout the day. These will help you feel energized and less unstable. Choose healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables instead of chips and chocolate. Sweet and salty foods can affect your inner ear fluid which can make you unstable.

3 Tips on How to Cope with Dizzy Spells at Work

If you suffer from dizziness at work, try to use these easy tips to recover from an episode quickly.


Stabilize Yourself

If you experience a moment of dizziness, stabilize yourself. Sit down, and if there aren't any chairs available, stand near a desk or wall in case you need to lean on it for balance.


Find a Focal Point


Once you have stabilized yourself, it is important that you try to orientate yourself. Focus on an inanimate object such as a picture on the wall or a mug on your desk. By focusing on an object, your brain will regain its equilibrium and the blurred vision and dizziness sensation will pass.


Concentrate on Your Breathing


Take deep, long breaths to help calm your nerves. Centralized breathing will help the sensation of unsteadiness disappear and will help you relax.


Severity and frequency of dizziness spell differs between women. Following these simple tips will help make them less disruptive and to allow you to focus on your work instead of the changes in your body. Follow this link to find out more about dizziness treatments.

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