Top 4 Foods to Reduce Swelling in Breasts

By Fiorella M. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


Swelling in breasts is often due to the glands and milk ducts growing in size or fat. As a result, there will be a noticeable increase in breast size. The main reason for swelling in breasts is hormonal fluctuations because they respond to changes in the levels of female sex hormones. Certain foods can have a huge impact on reducing the factors that cause swelling in breasts. Read on to find out which foods you should eat and which you should avoid to decrease breast swelling.

Top 4 Foods to Reduce Swelling in Breasts

Avoid Salt

Salt is best avoided if you suffer from swelling in breasts because it can cause them to retain water. Therefore, the breasts will increase in size as a direct result of the rise in water levels. The best way to avoid salt is to eat fresh foods rather than packaged or processed food and ready meals, and not add the substance to cooking. Adding herbs, salads, or spices are a healthier way to add flavor to meals while avoiding salt.


Try Dandelion

Dandelion is a natural diuretic, so it will actively reduce the amount of water retention in the body. This plant can be consumed as a tea, or the leaves can be added fresh to salads or other recipes. Dandelion picked straight from the garden and washed should be perfectly safe to eat, but care must be taken to ensure it is definitely dandelion and not another weed that might be harmful to health.


Eat Bananas and Avocados

These fruits are high in magnesium, a nutrient that is known to reduce breast tenderness and reduce fluid retention; thus, swelling in breasts should reduce. Other fruits and vegetables are also appropriate, but these two are particularly high in the breast-friendly mineral.


Choose Whole Grain Carbohydrates

Fiber is essential for breast health and can reduce swelling in breasts, and an easy way to get this is to switch the more commonly-eaten white versions of bread, pasta, and rice for their brown counterparts. The reason for this is that processed carbohydrates have been stripped of practically all their natural fiber, so they offer little in the way of nutritional value.

To avoid swelling in breasts, a dietary change is the best place to start as it is generally the safest, cheapest, and healthiest option. Avoiding certain foods is as important as eating the right foods, so it is crucial to find a balance between the two. This article focuses mainly on the foods to eat, but there are other reasons for swelling in breasts, seek for a doctor to diagnose your symptoms.

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