Chest and Breast Pain: What Should I Do?

By Sarah E. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


If you are suffering from chest and breast pain, you may be searching for quick, effective, and lasting solutions. During menopause, many women experience this uncomfortable symptom due to erratic hormonal fluctuations. It is similar for many women during premenstrual syndrome (PMS), who also strongly experience breast pain.

Chest and Breast Pain: What Should I Do?

Use Hot and Cold Compresses

Applying a heat pad or ice pack to the sore area can help relieve the pain. For some women, one temperature works better than the other, or alternating the two is most effective. The heat can also be relaxing and double as a stress relief technique.

Adopt an Exercise Routine

Try low-impact exercises - such as swimming, dancing, or yoga - to relieve stress and improve circulation. It's best if you use a supportive sports bra to avoid agitation through your movement. This extends beyond your exercise routine - wear a comfortable, well-fitted bra to help minimize the pain. If you have not been fitted for several years, you may need a different size than your current bras.

Consider Herbs

Many herbs from around the world have been used traditionally for this female woe. Chasteberry, the primary example, is a standard treatment for breast pain in Europe. Studies have found the reduction of pain in women to be statistically significant upon taking chasteberry supplements or tea. The herb is commonly used to alleviate symptoms of PMS, of which breast pain is one.

Get Medical Assistance

If your breast pain continues to frustrate you or lower your quality of life, it is recommended to see a doctor. Leading up to your doctor's appointment, it is a good idea to keep a journal of when you experience breast pain and what type of pain it is. This will help your physician when she or he is diagnosing you and looking for a treatment for breast pain. Also, if you notice any new lumps or nipple discharge, it is crucial you see your doctor immediately.

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