Breast Tenderness: Addressing Wardrobe

By Sarah E. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020


Breast tenderness - also known as mastalgia, mastodynia, or mammaglia - occurs to many women at different points of their lives. Whether you've experienced it because of decades of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or you're alarmed that it has started during perimenopause, it useful to know ways to find relief from the soreness, throbbing, and sharp pains.

One of the best ways to directly address the problem is to critically look at your wardrobe. Your shirts or bras may be a primary cause of agitation and pain, so try adjusting your clothes according to the tips explored here.

Breast tenderness: addressing wardrobe.

The Perfect Bra

First things first, make sure you are wearing the right bra size. Many women simply do not wear a properly sized bra, and if it's too tight or loose fitting, it can cause irritation and worsen your breast tenderness. Lingerie shops will typically measure you for free and help you find a bra that's right for you.

Once you have the right size, make sure to keep in mind that you should choose a model that is supportive and slightly padded. The extra padding helps with support. You can also wear a sports bra if you know you will be moving around a lot.

Comfortable Clothing

It is also important to wear comfortable clothing that won't further agitate your symptoms. Your shirt should be a comfortable material that lays loose on the skin and does not add more friction that can agitate sore nipples. However, you can also choose sports shirts that are snug fitting and add even more support if the bra is not quite enough.

Use Warm and Cold Compresses

Some women also find it very helpful to put a warm or cold compress in their bra when symptoms are really bad. While a warm compress can relieve achiness and sharp pain, a cold compress can alleviate swelling and tenderness. You can buy a compress that is the right size to fit in the cups.

Lose the Bra at Home

You may not want to go out in public without a bra, and it may not be the best option since you're likely moving around, in which case the bra helps with support. However, if you're lounging at home, many women experience relief when they can take off their constricting undergarments. You can use this opportunity as well to do a self-breast massage to ease pain with a light massage oil such as grape seed or olive oil.

Do not let your wardrobe worsen your breast tenderness. When you have the perfect bra, a well-fitting shirt, a compress, and some massage oil, your symptoms should not persist for long. Breast tenderness should not get in the way of your ability to move freely and be intimate, so enjoy relief with these comfy tips.

For further information on handling breast tenderness during menopause, follow this link.

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